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Format: 14 x CD-BOX & T-Shirt
Label & Cat.Number: Silentes 20042009
Release Year: 2009
Note: massive Anniversary box with all 13 new CD-releases (autumn/winter 2009), plus T-Shirt, badges, anniversary bag, and exclusive bonus CD by MARIBOR (Italian ambience-supergroup feat. AMON, NIMH, M.B., STEFANO GENTILE, PIERPAOLO ZOPPO); lim./numb. 150 copies, we have only few in stock so be fast if interested !!!!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €125.00

More Info

"This set consists of a box that includes all the 13 new releases + an exclusive anniversary t-shirt, two badges and an anniversary bag... But above all, it includes "ATROCITY EXHIBITION", the DEBUT CD by a new "open-project" named MARIBOR. For this release MARIBOR were GIUSEPPE VERTICCHIO/NIMH, ANDREA MARUTTI/AMON, MAURIZIO BIANCHI/MB, PIERPAOLO ZOPPO/MAUTHAUSEN ORCHESTRA and STEFANO GENTILE. Please note that this CD (not a CD-R but a real factory-pressed CD) will ONLY be available in the anniversary set, which is LIMITED to 150 HANDNUMBERED COPIES only. The set is sold at a very special price and, along with all the other releases, it's OUT NOW!!!
You can buy it now directly on our shop at www.silentes.net... Please take note that this BOX and the MARIBOR CD will not be repressed anymore so FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!!!
This is my gift for you!" [label info]