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Format: do-LP
Label & Cat.Number: Isounderscore [ISO_08]
Release Year: 2009
Note: second album by the project formed by THOMAS DIMUZIO & JOSEPH HAMMER; lim. 500 full colour sleeve
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €25.00

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Nach "Shining Path" das zweite Album fr das kalifornische Duo (die Langzeit-Aktiven THOMAS DIMUZIO & THOMAS HAMMER), absolut meisterhafte & spannende Dronescapes, die einen gleich gefangennehmen... unheimlich bannend, metallisch-irisierend, mit Obertnen wie von rostigem Metall... vier lange Stcke aufgenommen auf verschiedenen Konzerten 2006-2007. Aussergewhnlich schn!

"Dimmer's Remissions is the second full-length album from longtime sonic architects of interactive feedback circuits, Thomas Dimuzio and Joseph Hammer. This 2xLP effectively represents four side-long pieces from their live shows throughout California taken place between 2006 and 2007. Essentially a follow-up to their 2007 album on Los Angeles' Melon Expander, Remissions expands upon the immense recursive tape looping and resampling that is found inherent in their work but achieves a weight and time displacement that greatly overshadows their dark preceding full-length. All four pieces were recorded at: Norcal Noisefest in Sacramento (2006, 'Sky Wire'), The Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco (2006, 'Sun Dog'), The Smell in Los Angeles (2006, 'Gases That Emit Light'), and ArtSF's Noise Pancakes Series (2007, 'Giant Eagle'). Live sampling, processing, feedback, looping by Thomas Dimuzio. Tape manipulation and processing by Joseph Hammer. Design and layout by Thomas Dimuzio, Joseph Hammer and Brandon Nickell. Limited to 500 copies on full-color sleeves with cover photography by John Dalton."
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"... Hammer's instrument of choice is the reel-to-reel tape deck, through which he can muster an uncanny palette of sound, noise, and drone. The two have worked together off and on for a good part of the last decade, with a handful of performances throughout California and a couple of releases - Remissions being their second and collecting some of the best moments from those live gigs. "Sky Wire" builds insectoid buzzes and creepily harmonic drones out of the interplay between Hammer's rough-hewn tape manipulation and Dimuzio's deftly rendered swells, somewhere between Machinefabriek and Christoph Heemann. "Sun Dog" grafts blackened noise onto an electrocutioner's hum, with Hammer's start 'n' stop tapes popping into view like a detached Burroughs cut-up. Both "Gases That Emit Light" and "Giant Eagle" continue along these same strategies with eerie clouds of drones that fold and collapse between harmonic resonance and dissonance with unsettled bursts of soft focus noise. This is really exceptional stuff, and certainly some of the best that we've encountered from either artists individually." [Aquarius Records review]

"It may sound like a new name, and half of it also is. Dimmer is a duo of Thomas Dimuzio and one Joseph Hammer. This double LP set is the follow up to a CD on Melon Expander which I didn't hear. Each of the four sides has a live recording, three from 2006 and one from 2007. Dimmer uses live sampling, processing, feedback, looping (Dimuzio) and tape manipulation and processing (Hammer). This is pretty interesting music. All four pieces show something that could be labeled as 'band sound'. The careful tape manipulations of Hammer, making the tape go 'wobbly' against the heads, set against a scary set of subdued electronics. A record to turn up the volume as things seem rather 'low' here, but once a bit louder reveal a lot of hidden detail. Scary, spooky stuff, with dark atmospheric undercurrent. Of the four pieces 'Giant Eagle' is my favorite here with its somewhat more clear tape sounds, and scraping, feedback like rusty metal sound, whereas the other three seem to be moving more along side one specific idea and are throughout more minimal. Excellent sci-fi soundtrack stuff at work here, save then perhaps for the piece I like which works really fine by itself. An excellent record. " [FdW / Vital Weekly]