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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Empreintes Digitales IMED 0053
Release Year: 2000
Note: first CD release for Empreintes Digitales by this British composer, presenting 5 works
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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The works on this disc fall into three categories: those verging towards the abstract (Junky, Dreamarena), those focusing upon re-hearing natural sound-objects (Study in Ink, Foil-Counterfoil) and the radiogenic (Sieve).

Are there any common stylistic traits present in this music? The works on Traces offer a search for the hidden, both within the piece and within the sound. It is this hidden property in certain sounds that still excites the ear. The microphone offers us the chance to examine these hidden qualities, such as the sound of a marker pen on a whiteboard, the sole sound-source used for Study in Ink. An everyday sound that could perhaps be described onomatopoeically by the word squeak offers surprising versatility when examined through the microphone, extending even to human characteristics of strength, weakness, enquiry, frivolity, humor and self-parody. Traces can be seen as that which is left behind but which can still be recovered, at least in part. One takes away a representation of having been in the presence of the original, much as one might take away a brass rubbing of a memorial plate. It is the marks on the paper that then become important and which need to be reaffirmed and redefined.

The word Traces resonates with other titles on this disc: Dreamarena our dreams are often remembered only as fleeting images; Foil-Counterfoil the wordplay in the title refers to a receipt (such as the counterfoils or stubs in a checkbook); Sieve the sieve leaves only a trace of that which passed through it. Finally, you have a tracing of my experience of working with these sounds to shape the pieces that make up this disc. I hope you enjoy them. Adrian Moore

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