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ONDE - Purple

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Ondemusic 003
Release Year: 2009
Note: second LP with intense drone-minimalism from the Belgian trio (TIMO VAN LUIJK, GREG JACOBS, MARC WROBLEWSKI), released to their phenomenal concert at the Avantgarde-festival in Schiphorst 29. August 2009; lim. 500 in nice gatefold-cover, contains two 20minute pieces ("Vloed" & "Eb"), highly recommended !
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Die zweite LP des intensiven belgischen "Konkret / Instrumental" - Drone / Minimalismus Trios (TIMO VAN LUIJK, GREG JACOBS, MARC WROBLEWSKI), kam exakt am Tage ihres phnomenalen Konzerts auf dem AVANTGARDE-Festival in Schiphorst heraus (29. August 2009); limitiert auf 500 Exemplare, enthlt zwei 20 Minuten-Tracks, schnes Klappcover, guter Preis. Unsere wrmste Empfehlung!

"Vinyl only edition of 500 copies. Minimal electric psych inspired by tidal waves. Greg Jacobs (violin), Marc Wroblewski (metals) and Timo Van Luijk (electric guitar) travel through a spectral, time-stretched haze of ash cloud drones, slow-motion titanium echo and backmasked percussion, all adding up to a work that sits comfortably between intense focus and somnambulant drift. Highly recommended for the next time the end of the world comes round the bend. Gatefold sleeve." [label info]


"The second album by Onde sees Van Luijk however doing something different. Onde's three members were all once part of Noise Maker's Fifes and consist of Van Luijk on trumpet, guitar and electronics, Greg Jacobs on violin, organ, electronics and Marc Wroblewski on strings, metal and accordion. They sort of play live in the studio and then further process/post produce the material a bit. This is, as said, far away from Van Luijk solo music or duo improvisation. The tides are the central thematic approach to both sides and the music sounds like. Flowing likes waves, breaking the shore, both sides have a great drive to them (does sound like a rhythm machine on 'Vloed' actually). Onde here sounds a bit like Troum: lots of regular instruments feeding through quite an amount of sound effects, but Onde sounds a bit more opened up than Troum (which seem to be hermetically closed at times). Onde seems to be going for that similar kind of trance like music. Drone with a drive. A fine record, topped in a great fold out sleeve." [FdW / Vital Weekly]