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Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Aventures Electroacoustiques aea 07001
Release Year: 2007
Note: debut-release from this French composer, dramatic & atmospheric electro-acoustic music, to discover ! self-released / self-printed paper covers
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"Electronic engineer and self-taught musician, he composes with his home studio a primitive music, without melody nor rythmic, based on the basic pleasure of sound immersion. Influenced by contemporary music: without academicism, due to its original, and often revolutionary, approaches (electro-acoustic, spectral music, micro-tonality, repetitive, random), and also by electronic progressive music. It is an electro-acoustic work of expressionnist style on the subject of the large cathedrals: For me a gloomy world, loaded with heavy constraints and reminding us of a past full of injuries and injustices. The subject is treated according to 4 axes: the outside, the inside, the past and the future. Texts comes from the Old Testament."
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