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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: SEM label SEM 002
Release Year: 2008
Note: debut album by French composer; very good cinematic ambience based on guitar-sounds, ed. of 500; digipack
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Wunderbare Echo-Gitarren, die polyphon ins Endlose wallen sind die meist verwendete Basis fr die Kompositionen auf "Arcane", das ist das erste echte CD-Album fr ALEXANDRE NAVARRO. Tip fr Guitar-Ambient / Drone Fans..

"After several ep releases on various labels and netlabels (Mandorla, Archipel, Realaudio, IOD) since 2004, Alexandre Navarro is proud to release his first CD album Arcane for SEM label. Arcane means esoteric, hidden or mysterious... While not necessarily a conceptual approach for the album, Arcane creates this sense of mystery through a blend of electric guitar experimentation, melody and field recordings. A guitarist since the age of 15, Alexandre Navarro has been working with electronic tools for several years (laptop, sampler, software...). For this album, however, he found it necessary to make more of a direct connection with the music; more organic, lofi and instrumental, where the guitar naturally played a central role throughout the recording of the album. With the exception of a few other instruments (organ, sampler, flutes), the album was exclusively recorded with a microphone, a guitar, a valve amp and some effects. In some ways, Arcane has something tribal and primitive at its core. It is directand essential, addressing the mysteries of creation, birth, death, life in general, in a poetic and nostalgic way. March 2008 - CD Digipack printed to 500 copies." [label info]