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HINSIDAN - Nightshift

Format: 10
Label & Cat.Number: Phisteria PHI010LTD
Release Year: 2008
Note: great 4-track 10" by this insider's tip from Copenhagen, transcendental ghost drones, ecstatic pulsations, trancy rhythmic minimalism, lim. 250
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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4-track EP from this promising project, two pieces of very subtle / droney material, one remix on Side B by L'OMBRE, and one live-version of "Nightshift", this sounds like dark wave drone ambient with beats & vocals, hard to define but highly atmospheric and stunning!

"After their monumentual debut - the praised double album 'God Is In The Details / Music For Ghosts' [phisteria 2005], and hot on the heels of two limited album releases in Germany [Shapeshifter Blues on Verato Project] and US [Bleach Dye Yr Heart on Gears of Sand],
our very own animal rights avantgarde-drone-poltergeist-rockers return to phisteria, with this diverse 4-tracker that really pays hommage to the band's heritage. This limited 10'' EP of 250 copies is most likely to be a hot collectible for all eternity, we dare you to miss it!!" [label info]

"... Opening very slowly, the first piece titled "The first time we met the blues" (no worries, not any sign of Blues on this track!) builds steadily from inaudible drones to smoothing vibrant drones building a great atmosphere from early start, not too far away from British legends Zoviet France. As the first piece fades out, another swarm of drones build with the opening of following piece "Labyrinths of obsession", this time with a more abrasive approach. Soon after subtle acoustic drum-patterns penetrates to create a rhythm structure in the abstract composition. Side B of the vinyl opens with a remix of "The first time we me the blues" executed by Ant-Zen legend L'Ombre. The result is a completely different work based on repetitive downbeat rhythm textures assisted by discreet ambient melody in the background. Final piece on the album is a live recording from legendary Danish underground club "Ungdomshuset" (R.I.P.). Despite the fact that it has been recorded live the sound of the work is still nice and clean. The title-track "Nightshift" consists of vibrant drones and distant male vocals adding to the strange nocturnal atmospheres of the track. As was the case with the earlier efforts of Hinsidan the guitar plays an important role in the spheres of work, and the result again is utterly beautiful." [NM, Vital Weekly]