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DESIDERII MARGINIS - Years lend a golden Charm

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Eternal Pride Production epp.016
Release Year: 2009
Note: collection of earliest material taken from the first three MCs (1992-1993), incl. one previously unreleased track. Glossy digipack
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Kollektion des frhesten Materials von den ersten drei Tapes, hier klingt alles noch reduzierter, einfacher, elektronisch & rhythmisch, aber schon mit deutlich melancholischem Einschlag, erinnert an andere frhe COLD MEAT INDUSTRY-Tapes aus dieser Zeit. Wohl v.a. fr D.M. Fans interessant, oder fr Tape-Nostalgiker, dies hat den "typischen" Tapesound!

"To gain a deeper understanding of what is, it is necessary to examine what was to go to the sources and the origins. With the emergence of this brand new offering by Desiderii Marginis, Years Lend a Golden Charm we are invited to experience the very birth of what is now a well established and worldwide recognised project within the dark-ambient industrial scene. The contents of the new album is made up of some 73 minutes of material from the first three tapereleases from 1993. Highly sought after by collectors but only available in a mere dozen of handmade copies, these songs are now finally made available to a greater audience. When you listen to the music with the knowledge that hindsight brings - it is obvious that these are the roots and the foundations, not only of the first full length album Songs Over Ruins, but of every succesive release up to the latest Seven Sorrows. In 1993 there was no set course, no long term plan and still, maybe it couldnt have turned out any other way?" [label info]