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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Blackest Rainbow Records BRR099LP
Release Year: 2009
Note: lim. 400, paste-on cover w. insert
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €18.00

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Schne Split-LP auf dem britischen BLACKEST RAINBOW. TAIGA REMAINS mesmerizieren mit unglaublich vertrumten Schichten von Glocken-Sounds, die sich in massive Drone-Wolken auflsen; RV PAINTINGS sind dunkel-wallender und setzen auch perkussive Elemente ein, aber dronen nicht weniger benebelnd...

"Two of America's finest drone acts come together for this split LP. Taiga Remains is Student of Decay's master mind Alex Cobb's project. If you ain't picked up his new disc on Digitalis Wax Canopy yet, go get it, it is one of the best drone releases I have heard in a long time! The 15-minute track on this new split LP is entitled 'Mengku From Mengsa.' Opening with far off chimes upon chimes, this leads to pure bliss dream zones, rather than the more intense material on the aforementioned Wax Canopy. This is a fantastic piece of drone work, layered to create some beautiful zoning out in the mind. RV Paintings is the project of Brian Pyle of the almighty psychedelia legends Starving Weirdos, along with his brother Jon Pyle, and Spencer Doran, who also plays under the name of Cloaks. This is an amazing track, kinda darker and bleaker than the Weirdos vibe, with some totally awesome free percussion playing central to the piece. This is hard to top in the drone game. A totally solid slab of sound from both acts. Limited to 400 copies."
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"... Both sides of the LP dwell heavily upon reverb saturation grafted onto acoustic dronings from various sources - probably guitar, certainly some bells, maybe a long-stringed instrument. Such is a typical
strategy for RV Paintings, but is somewhat novel for Taiga Remains, whose driftscape sensibility tends more towards the smooth surface arcing for tone and harmony. If Blackest Rainbow hadn't etched the names of each artist into the surface of the wax, you'd have a 50 percent chance of guessing who was doing each side. Perhaps Cobb was deliberately trying to coax more of a RV Paintings sound from his gear and vice versa. The major difference in these two sides only becomes apparent when RV Paintings begins to gently tap across sheet metal, gongs, and a drum kit a la Eddie Prevost from AMM. The drone is still the central feature, and the percussive serves to levitate and propel the drone forward. Really great stuff found here, and limited to a mere 400 copies." [Aquarius Records review]