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TELEPHERIQUE - Bionik / Biomimetik

Format: LP & CD
Label & Cat.Number: Laub Records LAUB007
Release Year: 2004
Note: lim. 499 on the now defunct LAUB RECORDS label, with CD-cover sticked on LP sleeve; special price !
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.00

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The legends of post/industrial sounds back on laub, after their contribution on laub's very first release : va. "automation" do-12",
here and for now with an exceptional project dealing with the nature and their imitation by so called science. the release is split
up into 2 parts : bionik (cd) brings the basic, the elements of nature together in an ultra long piece to show : its not able to seperate
them from each other. the biometrik (lp) shows what mankind made out of the nature-given-basics : the try to fake and improve.
"concern that we don't invent anything new, were no innovaters, were only repeaters, imitators of that what the nature is doing
since milleniums. we invented weapons, cars, tv... but don't you agree that the one who invented us, the one who gave us all the basics for our 'inventions' did a 'better job' at all?! and is it really able to improve what's perfect already?" this release brought on the way with the massive support by the ant-zen company. artwork by s. alt / ant-zen. limited to : 499 pieces.[label info]