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NADLER, MARISSA - Little Hells

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Kemado Records KEM 086
Release Year: 2009
Note: lim. vinyl-version, heavy cardstock cover
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €16.00

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"... in den Songs selbst liegt es, weil aus ihnen immer noch die edle, beschwörende Kraft spricht, die Geschichten, die sich so sacht vor einem aufbauen, dieses „you can feel the beat of yesterday“. Ja, immer noch und vielleicht noch nie so selbstsicher der Mut und das Bekenntnis zu den Vergangenheiten, zum Gescheiterten, zum Unglücklichsein und zur Trauer. Und wie wunderbar das alles in diese Songs eingeschrieben ist, dass man selbst das düsterste Lamento noch für Tage im Ohr behalten kann. Darin ist die NADLER virtuos: das Schwierige, Unsagbare mit leichten, tänzelnden Bewegungen einzufangen, für einen Moment ein bisschen die Last zu nehmen, von sich und vom Hörer. Ihre Stimme, das ist ein beinahe substanzloser Hauch, den sie nur flüchtig von Wort zu Wort schickt, und kaum etwas damit ertastet und doch alles und jeden damit berührt. Wo sie in den Vordergrund tritt, da ist auch alles Umliegende göttlich angeweht...." [Roy L, NonPop]

"We are proud to announce the latest release from renowned Boston singer/songwriter Marissa Nadler: Little Hells. On her fourth solo album, Marissa Nadler finds multiple ways to envelop the listener in splendid gauzy moods without becoming monochromatic. “The songs take on different personalities at different points in time,” says Nadler. “If a song is good, you should be able to do it in any style and transform it, take a risk and have some fun.”
A master of creating rich dreamscape atmospheres, Nadler’s voice shines and glides even more with a full band accompanying her. Produced by Chris Coady, the starry musical guests include longtime collaborator Myles Baer, Simone Pace (Blonde Redhead), and Dave Scher (Farmer Dave). Few contemporary artists can match the stunning ride of Marissa's reverb vocals that are a journey into themselves on every rose tinged track. Little Hells displays a brighter leap in musical maturity and attention to detail, as the fantasmagoric sounds delve into melancholy nuggets, sometimes erotic, sometimes gutting, but filled with a gorgeous sense of serene hope more so than previous album, Songs III: Bird on the Water." [label info]

"The fourth record from Boston's most enchanting female songstress has left us breathless and almost at a loss for words! Ms Nadler really hits the nail on the head with this effortless marriage of hauntingly rich vocal cascades and captivating song writing. Quite the magnificent album, Little Hells features Nadler joined by a full band whose rhythmic weight anchors each song as her reverb-shrouded vocals drift into the dawning sky. If you've a penchant for lonely country charm with a gothic twist, and melancholic hymns possessed by a familiar nostalgia, this is soooo for you! Conjures visions of Victorian churches on golden plains at midnight, flickering shadows in hallways of rickety old barns. As far as production goes, we've never heard Nadler sound so dense and layered with such an array of instrumentation embracing the core slide guitar, bass and drums. And yet for all the gothic folk elements at the heart of this record, Little Hells is perhaps Nadler's poppiest release to date. Stunning!" [Aquarius Records review]