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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Ground Fault Recordings GF010
Release Year: 2000
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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"Hell, whats that? Gestaltet fast wie eine klassische Vogelstimmen-Platte, wird man sptestens dann stutzig, wenn die ersten Klnge ertnen... dazu gesellen sich typische environmental-sounds wie Regen, Wind, Flugzeuge, etc.. 6 verschiedene Vgel sind hier in Tokyo verewigt worden, die alle verschieden und zum Teil mega-obskur tnen !! the most bizarre new entry? MIZUTANI has recorded 6 obscure japanese birds, and processed the sounds party..." [Drone Rec. info 2001]

"Essentially these are field recordings of various nature locations. The focus mostly remains on Bird Songs, but it goes a little bit beyond that: Mizutani arranged and enhanced the material a bit. The song of the "Binzui" is echoed by electronic treatments, broken down to its constituents for us to marvel in its complexity. That's as far as the artist goes though. In "Aokigahara," the only non-nature sound is the tinkling of a music box (or a jack-in-the-box or other toy) played very slowly, two or three notes at a time. "Hokora no Mizuba," recorded near a spring fountain, features metallic sounds, like someone lightly hitting a metallic grid. A similar addition is heard in "Nimbo". This piece is a collage of recordings in a Chinese city. It is the only manifestation of human civilization on this album and also features a metallic "klang "(a fence?, rods of different lengths?). All these alterations (except for the electronic "Birds" in the first tracks) vanish into the recorded environment." [Franois Couture]