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Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Malignant Records tumorCD39
Release Year: 2009
Note: the final NTT release with material collected from various rare releases plus new material; comes in two-tray DVD digibox; a real epic TRIP into the dark side of the mind, apocalyptic & monumental drone- & pulsing noise at its best !!
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MY MIND IS A PRISON ! Dies soll das allerletzte Werk des starken US-amerikanischen "Apocalyptic Industrial"-Projekts sein (dahinter steckt der New Yorker Lee M. Bartow aka LEECH), welches so intensiv und packend wie nur wenig andere persnliche Obsessionen & Ohnmacht verarbeitet hat. Der neuerliche Alptraum auf THE GOSPELS OF THE GASH integriert in fast vollendeter Weise schwelende, untergrndig brodelnde dark ambiente Parts und orchestral-harmonische bedrohliche Extrakte mit den bekannten komplett verfemdeten & verzerrten Vocals und kakophonen Ausbrchen voller Verzweiflung & Raserei. Gnsehaut garantiert! Ein grandioser Abschied & letzter Aufschrei eines unserer Lieblings "Dark Noise" Projekte, in entsprechender aufwendiger Verpackung (DVDigipak im Klappcover, insgesamt 8teilig).

"The final and definitive double CD release from NTT, The Gospels of the Gash chronicles one man's journey into a world devoid of light or hope. This is a place where the air is alive with the stink of pain and the beating of great black wings. The two discs compile material from a slew of limited releases from 2005-2007, as well as newer tracks recorded specifically for this release. As a result, Gospels of the Gash is unquestionably the most complete NTT recording to date and nothing short of a monumental achievement...a culmination of the best aspects of past releases combined into an epic odyssey of apocalyptic atmospheres, brutish frequencies, harrowing darkness, and razor sharp vocals. The Gospels of the Gash includes collaborations with various stalwart members of the NTT priesthood such as Cenotype, Fragment King, and M Slagle and more recent converts Autoclav 1.1 and Covet. Isomer and Steel Hook Prostheses have also made valuable contributions. Mastered by STROM.ec, and packaged in a two-tray DVDigipak with layout and artwork by Leech and Jorden Haley (www.karbine.com), this release is a fitting funerary rite for NTT. Release date: March 8th, 2009 (Malignant) TumorCD39. www.myspace.com/navicontorturetechnologies"

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