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NIBLOCK, PHILL - Touch works, for Hurdy Gurdy and Voice

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Touch TO:49
Release Year: 2000
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

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Der legendre New Yorker Minimalist mit drei schnen Drone-Stcken, dicht und voll, mit Leierkasten (track 1) und reinen Obertongesngen (track 2 & 3), die moduliert werden...

"1. 'Hurdy Hurry' (15:20, October 1999) Jim O'Rourke, hurdy gurdy (samples); 2. 'A Y U', a.k.a. 'as yet untitled' (21:30, October 1999) Thomas Buckner, baritone voice (samples); 3. "A Y U, Live", (21:30, October 1999/2000) Thomas Buckner, baritone voice (samples and live). All were completed with Protools software in a Macintosh computer, and are 24 tracks mixed to stereo. There are two versions of the voice piece, one the original tape piece, the other a version with three added voices, live, plus four tracks of pitch shift on each, done in Robert Poss's (Trace Elements) studio. Phill is a sixty-something New York-based minimalist composer and multimedia musician and director of Experimental Intermedia, a foundation born in the flames of 1968's barricade-hopping. He says: 'What I am doing with my music is to produce something without rhythm or melody, by using many microtones that cause movements very, very slowly.' The stills in the booklet are from slides taken in China, while Niblock was making films which are painstaking studies of manual labor, giving a poetic dignity to sheer grueling slog of fishermen at work, rice-planters, log-splitters, water-hole dredgers and other backbreaking toilers." [label press release].