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TRAVIS, THEO & FEAR FALLS BURNING - The Tonefloat Sessions

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Tonefloat TF60
Release Year: 2008
Note: collab with THEO TRAVIS who uses alto flutes and his ambitronics system
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"Vor rund einem Jahr lud Tonefloat Records die beiden Musiker Theo Travis und Dirk Serries (FFB) dazu ein, gemeinsam eine Platte zu machen. Diese Einladung nahmen beide gerne an und jeder nahm dazu seinen Anteil in einem Rutsch daheim im eigenen Studio auf. Serries, wie gewohnt mit Gitarre und Effekt Pedalen zu Gange, Travis mit seinen Ambitronics und Flöten. Nach den Aufnahmen wurden die Ergebnisse getauscht. Rund ein Jahr später wurde die LP veröffentlicht und die beiden Musiker traten zusammen live auf. Die beiden je knapp über, beziehungsweise unter 20 Minuten dauernden Stücke der "The Tonefloat Sessions" LP sind ruhig und leise, ja eher düster, aber wirklich sehr schön. Sie strahlen eine intime, fast schüchtern-traurige Wärme aus, die von einer mysteriösen Undurchsichtigkeit durchdrungen ist. Trotzdem wirken beide Stücke in sich klar und ruhend. Minimale Instrumentierung und ein sachtes Gefühl von Einatmen und Ausatmen von großen Wahrheiten, welche wie kleine Inseln aus tiefster See zu leichten Paukenschlägen aufsteigen und nach oben an die Oberfläche der Welt drängen. Besonders starke zweite Seite, mit den sanften wie eindringlichen Flötenklängen, dazu die weiten Gitarrenakkorde. Die Aufmachung empfindet alte, klassische Jazz Platten nach, die mit den bekannten blauen Schriften. Limitiert auf insgesamt nur 600 Exemplare, davon 200 auf blauem und 400 auf schwarzem 180g Qualitätsvinyl." [Creative-Eclipse]

"following a personal invitation by tonefloat, woodwind guru theo travis and drone master dirk serries of fear falls burning joined forces for the first time early last year. recording two long pieces, both artists realised their contribution in their own studio on the spot and in one go, with serries feeding his guitars through his trademark effect pedals and travis operating his customised ambitronics to organically extend the natural palette of his flutes. after the material had been exchanged, they then proceeded to process and structure these performances independently before spending the rest of 2008 triumphantly touring the frenzy of the absolute album (fear falls burning) and teaming up with artists such as david sylvian, steven wilson and robert fripp, and touring with various acts (theo travis). roughly a year later, the duo is back with a string of carefully selected live shows and the 180grams vinyl version of the tonefloat sessions. while the cover references the classic designs of blue note's vintage jazz records, the music contained within is discreet yet sensual, darkly beautiful and alluringly mysterious. despite the mininal instrumentation, the album's quiet, but undeniably unfolding cinematics belie its puristic approach: calmly pulsating breaths and warm, earthly flute tones are washed over by hypnotically protracting and constricting washes of guitar harmonics, as faint traces of form and melody rise like ephemeral islands from a deep timbral sea.the vinyl exclusive album is pressed as a 180 grams vinyl lp in carl glover designed picture sleeve, pressed on blue vinyl (200 copies) and black vinyl (400 copies)." [label info]

"... Each of the pieces start with one artist: Dirk's guitar opens 'The Lamentation Returns' and Theo's flute on 'Melancholy Of The Masses', but both quickly unfold in a majestic tapestry of sound, in which guitar and flute seem to melt into eachother. Of course I could question wether this sounds 'new', and perhaps I should, but I don't. Somehow I don't think Serries cares very much about innovating the sound and the methods he is using (I don't know for Travis of course), but he rather cares for reaching out to just beautiful music. Which in itself is not a bad thing either, of course. Perhaps the only real guidance for good music. Innovation - so often the guiding principle of Vital Weekly - is just one thing, but perhaps only valid for those tired reviewer ears, craving to hear something new - but in the end, even we realize, its beauty that counts. And in the capable hands of Fear Falls Burning this is well taken care of. These sessions proof this once again. Following his string of solo releases, the time is just more than right I guess to explore his guitar playing in collaboration with others. Following his work with KPTMichigan (see Vital Weekly 653), which was good, this one is a new step up. This is even better." [FdW / Vital Weekly]