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BASS COMMUNION - Molotov and Haze

Format: do-LP & 10inch
Label & Cat.Number: Tonefloat TF67*
Release Year: 2009
Note: 4 guitar-drone pieces of the highest beauty ! Comes in luxus gatefold-cover, 500 numbered copies incl. bonus 10" "Haze Shrapnel"; last copies!!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €35.00

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Edelst gestaltete Gatefold-Cover Vinyl-Version der letztjährigen CD (Important Rec.) im typisch aufwendigen Tonefloat-Design, das die düstere (Kriegs/Waffen)-Thematik noch unterstützt....zwei der Stücke sind in erweiterten Versionen zu hören, und den ersten 500 Stück liegt auch noch eine Bonus-10" mit dem Material der fantastischen, dunkel-wallenden "Haze Shrapnel" mini-CDR (inkl. FREIBAND-Remix) bei!! "Vier neue (rec. Feb. 2008) lange B.C.-Stücke, z.B. "sphärische Klänge, die von unter Drogen stehenden, Harfen zupfenden Engeln stammen" [Volker W. Stephan], die sich zwischen rauhen & röhrenden guitar & synth-drones und betörend herüberwehenden Melodien & Klangwolken bewegen... wie so oft absolut hypnotisch!" [Drone Rec. über 'Molotov & Haze']

"tonefloat is pleased to announce the double vinyl editon of the eighth bass communion full-length molotov and haze. the album is the first to feature the results of steven wilson's new take on the project. adding a laptop and software tools to the formerly pure guitar and effects line-up, the change can primarily be felt in terms of composition and in even more refined techniques and fluent, non-repetitive thematic evolutions. still loosely connected to styles like drones and ambient, it defines a unique perspective devoid of any narrow genre limitations. composed of four tracks, all of which extend comfortably beyond the ten minute mark, molotov and haze is conceptually a bipolar album: tranquil and immersive soundscapes take turns with crunching fields of noise brimming with oscillating overtones and aggressive low-end frequencies, creating a hypnotic sequence of suspense and release.
originally released on important records in july 2008, the vinyl edition considerably deepens the pulsating riverbed carved out by the cd versions, presenting expanded edits of molotov 1502 and haze 1402. by discreetly extending the timbral pallette and adding a raw, physical side to his explorations, molotov and haze constitutes a kind of temporary summary of wilson's aims and as an acme of his abilities as a creator of dense and cohesive, yet weightless and multichromatic soundscapes. the first and limited edition of only 500 copies (as per usual in a tonefloat trademark carl glover designed gatefold sleeve, and pressed on 180 grams vinyl) includes an exclusive, limited 10inch version of the 3inch cd haze shrapnel, that will not be available separately and is thus strictly tied to this release." [label info]