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TONIUTTI, GIANCARLO - qwalsamtimutkw italuc'ik (and now he almost did make himself into hemlock needes, it is said)

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Alluvial Recordings A27
Release Year: 2008
Note: "Sound Field for Rattle Harp" - TONIUTTI performs one hour on a self-build metal instrument, creating deep-droning and rumbling sounds.... very meditative & archaic, these recordings from 2001 that are finally being released... comes with 16p booklet; BACK IN STOCK !
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Nach langer Zeit was neues vom gerade durch eine VOD-Box geadelten Italiener, der sich zwischen archologischer Musikforschung, Konzept-Kunst und archaischer Minimal / Drone-Musik bewegt. Das Album mit dem unaussprechlichen Titel (indigene kanadische Sprache) ist ein "Klang-Feld" fr eine Ausstellung: GIANCARLO TONIUTTI spielt rund eine Stunde lang auf seiner "Ratter-Harfe", einem selbstgebauten metallischen Instrument, welches tief-dronige Klnge erzeugt wie in einem Tank, aber auch rumpelnde und hherfrequent hlzern klackernde Sounds, wobei alles sehr ruhig & fliessend von sich geht...
klingt vielleicht wenig aufregend, aber das ganze hat eine usserst meditative und archaisch wirkende Klangfrbung. Wie immer bei TONIUTTI wurde Sinn & Zweck & Konzept des ganzen ussert sorgfltig dokumentiert (16-seitiges Booklet).

"The composition was realized in 2002 as a sound-field for an art exhibition.
After diverse occurrences it is now available on cd for public experience, thanks to Alluvial recordings and the patience of Kevin Wienke.
It comes with a 16 pp. booklet containing notes, a text about the history and motivations of the project, and a series of photos specifically realized for this edition.
The sound comes from the recording of a single sound source, an instrument temporarily built in 2001, I called rattle-harp, subsequently elaborated in studio. (title is in Nuxalk language)" [Giancarlo Toniutti]

"... This is a recording made to accompany an exhibition of Luisa Tomasetig and it uses the Rattle-harp, an instrument, especially built for this occasion and being a 145 x 85 cm drift metal plate and a 1 meter long steel wire, furnished with 6 tintinnabula and accidental bone, wood and additional 10 metre metal wire. One day he made a recording with it and about a year later he 'treats and composes' it, using DAT, reel-to-reel tape recorder, analogue mixer and eq. This hour long work is a trademark piece for Toniutti. The acoustics of the piece, the dragging of metallic sounds, the analogue treatment of the material, the minimal changing of the equalization to make the piece sound different, it all sounds like comfortable Toniutti music. I never figured out why he doesn't want to release more music, as this is certainly great stuff." [FdW / Vital Weekly]