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JARDIN D'USURE - Jardin d'Usure revoit le Daily-Bul

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Waystyx Records WR37
Release Year: 2009
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

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"The Belgian duo Jardin d'Usure (Marc Moedea and Gabriel Severin) made their first CD in 1994 ("Musique Du Garrot Et De La Ferraille") where there was already a strong interest on so-called literary avant-garde movements, with, for example, some interpretations of dada poems from Raoul Hausmann, Hugo Ball and co. This time the duo is working on seven funny texts from another international avant-garde movement, the Daily-Bul (born at La Louviere at the end of the fifties). These sardonic and insane interpretations of texts from Balthazar, the Piqueray brothers, Pol Bury, etc. are accompanied by some strong electroacoustic pieces in Ultraphonist style (one of their other common projects)." [label info]