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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Table of the Elements TOE-LP-99 / Es99
Release Year: 2008
Note: 8th release in the new TOTE guitar vinyl-series Vol. 3 & 4 (12 LPs!), a one-sided LP with etching by SAVAGE PENCIL on the other side on colour or clear vinyl; D. DANIELL is / was a member of the RHYS CHATHAM ensemble, FEBRUARY, TORTOISE, SAN AGUSTIN; where Blues meets the Drone
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Ein kleines Meisterk der dronigen Gitarrenkunst ist die achte 12" in der Guitar Series von TABLE OF THE ELEMENTS geworden! Auf gleich vier Stcken schafft DAVID DANIELL (ehemaliges Mitglied von SAN AUGUSTIN) symphonisch-betrende Flchenpolydrones, mal ganz subtil mit tollen Echo-Effekten, mal mit geschichteten Akustik-Gitarren, dann unter Einsatz von E-bows oder Steel Guitars.. vier sehr verschiedene Stcke, alle mit den gleichen Soundquellen geschaffen.

"...The opening track is a monstrous slab of tectonic buzz, layers of rumbling and crumbling distorted guitar, blurred into a Niblockian drift, warm and wavery, smeared and dreamy, but suitably tense and dramatic. Which is followed by a sort of looped Appalachia, steel string guitar, locked into a mantra like progression, the main figure locked into endless repetition, while in the background, a second (and maybe third) guitar offer up pretty little counterpoint and extra steel string buzz, texture and melody that seems to swirl beneath that hypnotic main riff.
"V" is all new age-y drift, another bit of soft dronemusic, laced with subtle layers of hiss and crackle, the melody a distant swell, which all gives way to a sweet melancholy guitar line that is processed into a layer of warm buzzing dreaminess, and finally the record finishes with a mournful, almost funereal sounding steel string buzzscape, that sounds almost like bluegrass, if it was stretched way out into long streaks of metallic shimmer, but Daniell drapes some playful major key melodies over the top, and the two, while seemingly at odds, mesh into something both haunting and mysterious, soft and weirdly pretty. Pressed on super thick, swirled green, yellow and white vinyl. One sided, the other side features an etching by Savage Pencil, housed in a thick PVC sleeve, and as always, VERY LIMITED!" [Aquarius Records review]

"8th installment in the Guitar Series Vols. 3 & 4. Daniell leads the troops in RHYS CHATHAM's guitar armies; he was a member of Jonathan Kane's rollicking band FEBRUARY; he performs regularly in a duo with Tortoise's Doug McCombs; & his guitar work with his own band SAN AGUSTIN, is the stuff of which fleeting blues-drone dreams are made. With influences rooted in blues, American minimalism, & post-punk ideologies, his guitar playing is always inspired, when fused with his intricate electro-acoustic compositions, the results are breathtaking." [label info]