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MANINKARI - Art des Poussieres

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Conspiracy Records CORE069
Release Year: 2008
Note: last copies back in stock of the (vinyl only) debut LP by the dazzling French 'acoustic drone' duo (=> also recently on our 'Drone-Mind Vol. 3 comp) , on the now disfunctioned Conspiracy label... lim. 400
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €16.00

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Starkes Debut-Album dieser französischen Gruppe, deren rein instrumentale Musik vor allen Dingen von der Kombination aus kraftvollen Violinen-Drones (meist zweistimmig) und den handgespielten, jazzig-fordernden Drums lebt. Dazu gesellen sich sehr schöne geräuschaft-abstrakte, eher frei-fliessende Abschnitte, wo mit Hilfe weitere Instrumente (z.B. Piano, metallisch hallende Perkussion & Becken) und subtiler Elektronik eine gegensätzliche Spannung aufgebaut wird. Sehr vielseitig & dynamisch das ganze, insgesamt mitreissend & ungewöhnlich arrangiert!

"... Was die Brüder Charlot mit diversen Streich-, Tasten- und Percussions-Instrumenten sowie elektronischer Hilfe auch für „Art Des Poussieres" wieder komponiert und improvisiert haben, ruft vor dem inneren Auge das Bild eines Haufens Kammermusiker auf Halluzinogenen hervor, die unvorhergesehen zwischen „adagio" und „presto" wechseln, entweder wild und laut oder in sich versunken musizieren. So ganz weiß ich immer noch nicht, wo und wie ich MANINKARI einordnen soll. Erneut aber bin ich mindestens so fasziniert von ihrer Musik, wie ich ratlos bin." [Andre Bohnensack, OX-Fanzine]

"New Maninkari recordings. Pressrun is 400. Hide your sorrow and cover your eyes. Maninkari continues to dwell in medieval alchemy, delivering yet another organic instrumental voyage. Bodies are turned inside out and brave souls are free to roam the plagued battlefields. A ritual psychedelic cleansing that plays like a chapter of a forgotten esoteric book, obscure yet spiced with cinematic romance and blood drama. Stretched strings, metal clatter, bells and chains form an eerie trance inducing carpet that inspires and drags the listener down in a radiant sea of darkness. To understand the core essence of darkness one must experience the light first. Groaning tones form a cluster where piano's and shimmering percussion raise the pressure. Maninkari undoubtly wear the classical composition coat, but smeared with the blood of vicious hellhounds. Imagine opening the gates of a lost kingdom washed away by the waves of death, only to remain breathing and move onwards into stark reality. Every track carries a voluptuous density, sparked by a chronic claustrophobic motor, a dusted one that delivers spot-on genuine quality. In short terms the best thing to rise from the French ashes since what seems like forever. Hypnotic minimalism for folks that dig holes listening to Pelt, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Henry Flynt, The Necks and Nurse With Wound." [label info]

"... The more one is drawn in, the more it becomes apparent that “Art Des Poussieres” is not just an eclectic collection of sketches but needs to be savored in its entirety. The sensations of going through a transformational process and embarking on a journey have been imposed on the album as a whole like a translucent narrative dome.
Seen from this perspective, Maninkari have never sounded as coherent, conclusive and cohesive before. Combining recognizable elements into enticing new shapes and forms, they have created a gothically embellished sonic story replete with bewildering acoustic. Fans will breath a sigh of relief: They may have discovered the beauty of small things on this occasion, but in terms of building epic album concepts, Maninkari certainly show no intention whatsoever of taking a single step back." [Tobias Fischer, tokafi]