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MCFALL, CHRISTOPHER - All for the Terror that sings sweetly to you in the Night

Format: mCD-R
Label & Cat.Number: 1000fssler 009
Release Year: 2008
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Drei Stcke mit tiefen, rauschenden, luftig-atmenden Drones, die immer wieder "gefttert" werden durch field recordings, die erkennbar und in Loops auftreten, von rumpelnden Knirsch-, Knarz- & Reib-Geruschen, unheimlich tnenden "schwarzen Vgeln" und anderen Tieren in der Nacht, das ist "dark drone ambient" der komplett ohne die blichen Klischees auskommt und trotzdem bannt & fasziniert !

Many of the sound tailorings used in these works were resultant from source material consisting of several recording sessions involving a flock of black birds that routinely roost within the building architecture in the downtown district of Kansas City at night. I found this series of recordings to be absolutely fascinating, as the chatter and cross talk between this rather charged group of birds seemed to assume a definitive dialogue, as they seemed to banter back and forth endlessly. Given this, I began manipulating them further and integrating them into other recordings. As I began to work more and more with these pieces, I felt there was a sense of almost primeval sophistication to the quality of these recordings; a direct contradiction however the notion of this became the source from which the names for the track listings emerged. Confidence, cunning and endurance: All for the terror that sings sweetly to you in the night.
Christopher McFall, 2008, Many Thanks To God, Asher, Juan Jose Calarco and Gregory Buttner.

Confidence 729
Cunning 544
Endurance 635

About the Artist:
Christopher McFall is a sound artist working out of Kansas City, USA. His primary methods of working involve the use of computer-based programming techniques, which are applied to art of processing sounds from field recordings and then re-combining them in a multitrack format. The main motivation behind Christophers workings revolve around the desire to manipulate/engineer recorded aspects of the macroscopic world around him into a microscopic mosaic. Christopher has released CDs previously with Gears of Sand (GoS) Recordings, Entracte and online releases by labels like: Homophoni, and/OAR, Mandorla, Con-v, and many more.

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