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MAEROR TRI - Language of Flames and Sound

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Old Europa Cafe OECD008
Release Year: 2008
Note: re-issue of the "power for the right brain hemisphere" album from 1996, maybe the most powerful MT-work, comes in original brainshape-cover, numbered ed. 544 copies!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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"Finally we are going for the re-edition of this great Maeror Tri album ! Power for the right side of the brain! Our world is dominated by the left brain hemisphere ! M.T. is here supporting the theory that it is necessary to stimulate and challenge the right hemisphere in order to get back to an equal activity of the two brain sides ... Best Shamanic Meditation music of the industrial era ! Maybe the best and more intense Maeror Tri album !
all material PRODUCED by MAROR TRI [...] from 1992 to 1996 Comes packed in a special brain-shaped folder in a limited edition of about 500 copies !
Here some notes by the authors :
our world is dominated by the left hemisphere of the brain. due to intensive support of the left side of the brain over the last millenniums the human mind has progressed its ability to communicate verbally, to think logically and in a practical way, to behave in a linear and systematic way. this was the basic advantage which became, as a cynic would say,
the "crown" of the creation of the human race.
the right hemisphere of our brains, which is processing in a non-reducing, holistic way, is responsible for non-verbal, spatial thinking, for visualisation, intuition and emotions,
and for music and atmospheric perception / cognition ! the abilities of our right hemisphere have been heavily suppressed in the past millenniums by the dominance of the left hemisphere of the brain. science proves that the human brain works on the best level when
both hemispheres are stimulated with the same intensity.
maeror. tri [...] support the theory that it is necessary to stimulate and challenge the right hemisphere in order to get back to a state of
equal activity of the two sides of the brain.
the activity of the right brain can be increased through exercises and stimulation.
listen, feel & realize!
maror tri [...] march 1996"
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"Here is the second pressing of Maeror Tri's 1996 album Language Of Flames And Sound, which has long been noted for the brain-shaped
packaging (faithfully restored in the second edition) and also has the distinction as being Maeror Tri's noisiest recording. This German trio began in the early '90s as a bleak, Dark Ambient project that brought a simple, if elegant use of effects-driven melodies to post-industrial noisescapes proposed by the Hafler Trio, Lustmord, and Illusion of Safety. While there are plenty of drawn out periods of flanging drones, spectral hiss, and those evanescent melodies which have become the trademark for the post-Maeror Tri project Troum, Language Of Flames And Sound brutally slams down on the distortion boxes, turning these languid, pseudo-Goth drones into thickened buzzsaws of melodic guitar noise that's not all that far from where black metal has progressed in recent years. An album like this should also make Aidan Baker blush as so many of these sounds have been mirrored in Najda. Throughout these megawatt explosions of radioactive noise splattering the all-consuming, ever dark ambience, Maeror Tri set down grinding loops of mekanoid pulsations that get at the band's Industrial roots. It's nice to have this back in print, although it's pretty " [Aquarius Records review]