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AGLAIA - Unprofaned Twilight

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Hic Sunt Leones HSL046 / Faria Records FAR-18
Release Year: 2008
Note: fourth AGLAIA-album, oversized full-colour cardboard cover with 3 inlay-postcards; edition of 650 copies
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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Zwei urlange Stcke (41+ und 34+ Minuten) mit super-harmonischen, warmen, leichten, wattigen, vorbeiwehenden Klngen, alles wallt & vibriert im Einklang, perfekte Ambient-Musik im ursprnglichen Sinn; ohne fiese Synthesizer oder "new agey" Melodien, hier wird vielmehr ein vielschichtig-komplexer Gesamtklang geschaffen, der sich schimmernd nach allen Seiten auszubreiten scheint.
Das vierte Album des italienischen Duos, kommt im typischen hbschen Vollfarbklappcover mit 3 Postkarten / Inlays, die das Zerfliessende der Musik adquat untermalen...

"The fourth cd of Aglaia is born from the previous work but, in comparison with them, it develops a wider breath directly from the backgrounds sounds. The composition is softer and more refined. Again the sonorous world that here is explored is that one of the enchantment, of the mild sound fading. An unprofaned and inviolate twilight, where the different vibrations are balanced, without any sort of tensions. Time rolls by and space too. The sound is a natural matter and gives birth to an intense crepuscolar light. Listening to this music is like to see thousands of fine luminous rays, filtered through half-closed windows. A dance of dust in a never ending movement that catches the light around. With aglaias sound we are in an electroacoustic microcosm full of vibrating signs.
The first of the two long compositions suggests a natural and quiet landscape. The sounds mood is a sort of perpetual tinkling, wrapped up a voice coming from the space, that observes from afar. An harmonic accordance between different reality.
The second, even though more intimate, is equally shining. Everything happens during a night where insects, spring-waters and moonlight match themselves together. A swarming midnight with underworld life." [label info]