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Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Ikuisuus IS-020
Release Year: 2008
Note: rare collaboration-release by the german impro & psych-drone projects; incl. 9 min. quicktime video, full colour cover, lim. 150 copies
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Der poly-instrumentale Improvisations-Drone vom DATASHOCK-Kollektiv wird hier zustzlich verstrkt von BLACK TO COMM, ein one-tracker von 24 Minuten bezirzt mit prall angeflltem low-fi ambient noise, dazu kommt noch ein 9 Minuten Livevideo-Mitschnitt vom gleichen Festival, August 2007!

"Incredible, spooky-spiritual-drone masterpiece by the most hip German experimentalists Black to Comm (Mark Richter) and the free-noise group Datashock companied by new member Marcel Trkowsky. Here all together creating a flavor of blissen alien soundscapes, whirling on, changing and evolving all the time, generating hyperzonic tensions inside the crown-chakra so long that the eyes start to see pulsating flames inside and outside your imagination. Rich in Colour of sound and for sure not a restless headfuck, but a stony stoned psychedelic vibration of something spiritually exciting, something which reminds the outer inner worlds, and how close they are. The fog of the lake & the ghosts of the forgotten old new days. Recorded nearby Berlin's Goldmund festival in August 2007, in a place which used to be a summercamp for kids in the times of GDR the point which alone may cause the climbing in such a mystical level. Peaceful & strange at the same time. Includes 9 minute Quicktime video by Renate Nikolaus!!!
Music and video recorded at Goldmund Festival, Wukensee/ Biesenthal 08/2007 total: music & video 33:20. 150 Copies." [label / website info]