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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Monochrome Vision (mv24)
Release Year: 2008
Note: .."playing the music of the solar wind"
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Die Interaktions- und Energieform "IGOR POTSUKAILO (BARDOSENETICCUBE)-> KAPUTTES LAPTOP -> HOLOGRAFISCHES UNIVERSUM" manifestiert sich hier auf ungeahnte & einmalige Weise. Auf NOOSPHERE offenbart sich der "Fehler in der Maschine" in einem, in endlosen vibratohaften Wallungen und Drehungen zerfliessenden, Sphren-Drone. Der fast halluzinogene Wahrnehnmungseffekt dieses Wummerns ist absolut erstaunlich, es wird einem regelrecht schwindelig! Die Aufnahme (ein langer One-Tracker von 67 Minuten Lnge) entstand in einem glcklichen Augenblick und ist nicht reproduzierbar...

"Russian project BARDOSENETICCUBE is well known in Europe and USA due to numerous releases by various labels like Blade Records, Athanor, Steinklang etc. They are always open to experiments of any kind, so each new album is different and unpredictable. This particular album deals with theory of russian scientist
Vladimir Vernadsky about collective consciousness, emerging from the interaction
of human minds. The universe is full of endless and omnipresent information fields, different in their energy/meaning potentials. Some of them are accessible for people who are using it extensively, others are intended only for machines that seem to be their source and destination at the same time. This soundpiece
is pure improvisation by Igor Potsukailo (BARDOSENETICCUBE) and a Toshiba Satellite A-110 laptop (BARDOSENETICCUBE).
The laptop is the leading performer here, created by unknown system error and playing the music of solar wind, derived from the information field that is not accessible to anyone else. Igor Potsukailo uses a kind of feedback circuit, adding the elements of human presence into this music and modifying the
energy/information balance in that powerful field near our planet Earth called Noosphere..." [label info]