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JARL - Turbulence Colour

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Autarkeia acd 030
Release Year: 2008
Note: massive luxurious box-edition with new material of this swedish hypno-power-drone project; lim. 500
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €20.00

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"This double CD, released in 2008 via Lithuanian label Autarkeia was already the 10th album of Erik Jarl. Now, when it's grey and humid outside in everlasting dusk, it's the best time to deconstruct your mind with the help of this album. Attempts to listen to it during hot summer days and nights, was sort of fiasco cause apart from the fact that visions of the album were disturbing the sleep, I couldn't get any more into these sounds. Now, the time of year is different and I understand the album in quite a different way. In long playing Turbulence Colour (the overall length is more than 2.5 hours), Jarl remains faithful to himself - massive and grey drone/ambient/noise monoliths, passively changing their shapes in usually long tracks. Truth is, in this album Erik Jarl managed to especially reveal dismally oppressing though nostalgic mood. If the tiniest rudiments of feelings were specially destroyed and erased through dissection and purification of subconsciousness in the latter albums, in this album you can hear slightly nostalgic dark ambient moments, fragments of melodies or melancholic tones, drowned in noise and drone somewhere in the distance. This album is not spiteful, but slightly dreary and full of impalpable horror. Samples, hiding under the foundation of drone sounds creates ghostly atmosphere. While listening to Turbulence Colour, it seems as if it'd be a soundtrack for excursion through deserted cities to post-apocalyptic world, to colorless negativity where you wander and cannot find answers to any of your questions. Such is a bigger part of the album. Among these long tracks, there are such that works in a different way - guiding you through the corridors of transparent insensitiveness. Cold loops and powerful layers of drone in the style of later albums of Jarl. Some tracks raises you up to hopeless, but different soundscapes, others drown you into claustrophobic darkness of loneliness. This album is full of contrasts - strange and such that you are not able to understand right away, but after a couple of minutes it breaks your mood into sharp tiny pieces. Packed in a pleasantly looking digibox. The sound quality is without a further notice - very very good. It's autumn." [Terror.lt]