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ANOK PE CURRENT 93 - Birth Canal Blues

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Coptic Cat 003
Release Year: 2008
Note: new project formed by DAVID TIBET, BABY DEE & ANDREW LILES with first release, on new C93-label. Comes in 3-D Cover, with 3-D glasses, and has one full side with bonus-material (live April 2008) !
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Erste Vinyl-Verffentlichung auf COPTIC CAT, dem neuen Label von DAVID TIBET. Hier enthalten sind die Stcke von der CD-Version sowie live-Versionen vom ROADBURN-Festival 2008 auf der B-Seite (insgesamt 8 Stcke, 38 Minuten). Gepresst als "klassisches" 3D-Cover gibts als Dreingabe noch eine 3D-Brille dazu!! BIRTH CANAL BLUES ist ein Stck in vier Teilen, welches die grundlegende narrative Struktur der noch kommenden "Hallucinatory Mountain Trilogy" vorgibt.. ANOK PE CURRENT93 ist ein neues Projekt von DAVID TIBET, BABY DEE und ANDREW LILES. lim. 1000 Stck!

"8 tracks, 38 minutes. Contains the tracks from the CD(The first ltd release on David Tibet's Coptic Cat label, one song in four movements), and then live versions from Roadburn 2008 on the b-side.
- Limited edition vinyl (1000 copies)
- 3-D cover! Comes with free 3-D glasses
- All Current 93 vinyl sells out on release, so be quick!
Birth Canal Blues is the first vinyl release on COPTIC CAT, the new label started by David Tibet and Current 93. Features a 3D sleeve with free 3D viewing glasses! This 12 consists of the studio recording of Birth Canal Blues (as released on Coptic Cat 001CD) on one side and on the other side a live version of the same piece from April 2008s Roadburn festival, which was curated by David Tibet. The line-up for the Roadburn show was: David Tibet, Baby Dee, Andrew W.K., Matt Sweeney, John Contreras, William Breeze, Keith Wood, Alex Neilson, Joolie Wood, Andrew Liles, Stephen Emmel and Maja Elliott.
The studio version of Birth Canal Blues was recorded by David Tibet, Baby Dee and Andrew Liles. With an 8-page colour booklet with photographs from Egypt by David Tibet.
Birth Canal Blues consists of one song in four movements, a 20-minute release setting out the basic narrative structure of Anok Pe CURRENT 93s new Hallucinatory Mountain trilogy, whose first part, Invocation Of Hallucinatory Mountain, is due early 2009." [distro info]