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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Isounderscore [ISO_04]
Release Year: 2007
Note: second AEMAE album
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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AEMAE die zweite: Abstraktere Geruschmusik gibt es zur Zeit wohl kaum, "irgendwie elektronisch und undurchdringlich" knnte man die oftmals in polyhochfrequenten Spitzen ausufernde Musik in einem ersten Eindruck bezeichnen. Harsche Cut-ups setzen starke Kontrapunkte in dem sonst eher kaum krachenden Universum aus zischenden, pfeifenden, quietschenden, elektronisch sirrenden Mikro-Klngen. Manchmal erinnert das an ASMUS TIETCHENS experimentellste Werke. In ihrer Unzugnglichkeit eine hchst kuriose & stimulierende Musik, jede Sekunde tun sich neue Klang-Rhizome auf.

"Second full length full length from East Bay sound technician (and AQ customer) Brandon Nickell, who spent the last year painstakingly assembling the sounds that would eventually become this here disc.
His previous full length, a big AQ fave was a blissed out collage of deep drones and thick soundscapes of high end skree, soft focus whispery minimalism and dense squalls of swirling noise. Even some shuffling skittering rhythms found there way into the mix.
On Maw, Nickell's approach is similar, although the first track threw us for a loop. A strange spacious slab of music concrete, the focal point being a strange grunting gasping reverb drenched animal sound. Like some mysterious electronic beast, confined to a tiny pen and registering his displeasure as it ruts and calls out to others of its kind. Creepy but pretty dang cool. The second track returns to more familiar waters, a super tranquil drift of burbling barely there rumble and subtle electronic pulses. A slow lugubrious crawl beneath and within the tiny sounds that make up a mysteriously indistinct low end world. After that it's another visit to the strange electronic zoo, to observe the insect enclosure, where some seriously angry winged creatures buzz wildly as they careen back and forth in front of the glass.
We move on into another long form stretch of abstract ambience, sparkling and glimmering like the glassy surface of a pond in the late afternoon, and then it's one more quick glimpse into the final enclosure, the beasts within are much more calm, lazing in the fading sunlight, their cooing and snorting, like some sort of shortwave radio static, interrupted by electronic birdcalls and the manufactured whoosh of a warm electronic breeze. So weird but strangely compelling and beautiful.
There's some definite Nurse With Wound worship here, as well as nods to Coleclough, Hafler Trio, and the like, but Nickell knows enough than to just ape his heroes, instead he takes what he needs and does some serious exploring on his own... and we like it.
Packaged in a super simple and striking white on white sleeve." [Aquarius Records]