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MGR Y DESTRUCTO SWARMBOTS - Amigos de la Guitarra

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Neurot Recordings NR66
Release Year: 2008
Note: collab between the ISIS-guitarist and the amazing DESTRUCTO SWARMBOTS, recorded by Alap Momin (DLEK)
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.50

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"Last year, Mike Mare of Destructo Swarmbots and Mike Gallagher of MGR and Isis fell in love. From across the room at The Toolbox, Gallagher's rakish grin and platinum-plated construction helmet caught Mare's ever-discerning eye. Gallagher was similarly impressed with Mare's state-of-the-art hairdo and glistening pecs. "I was immediately impressed with Mike's state-of-the-art hairdo and glistening pecs," Gallagher recalls. "Mike's rakish grin and platinum-plated construction helmet caught my ever-discerning eye from across the room," Mare adds. In the months that followed, the Mikes played a few shows in Brooklyn, held hands in public, and took a romantic carriage ride around Central Park. The civil procedure was performed hastily at Boston City Hall in August 2007, with a more elaborate ceremony (for friends and family) performed by Robert Goulet in Las Vegas shortly before his tragic passing. Once officially wedlocked, the two Mikes decided to consummate their vows the only way they knew how: With their guitars. They lovingly recorded a single 42-minute song entitled "Amor en el Aire" at Deadverse Studios in glamorous downtown Union City, New Jersey, with Alap Momin, a.k.a. Oktopus from hip-hop revolutionaries Daelek." [label info]