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AER - Project

Format: 7
Label & Cat.Number: Touch Seven TS03
Release Year: 2007
Note: full colour-cover by JON WOZENCROFT
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €7.00

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AER ist ein neuer Name und doch nicht wirklich ein neuer Name, denn dahinter steckt JON WOZENCROFT, der seit Jahren fr die TOUCH-Releases die stilvolen Fotos macht & Covers designed. Sein Beitrag fr die neue TOUCH SEVEN 7"-Serie besteht aus sanfter aber volumiger auraler Klang-Watte & versteckten Mikro-Klangobjekten, speziell designed fr Lautsprecher und Kopfhrer.

"Aer is the occasional recording name for Jon Wozencroft, art director and editor for Touch. Project began as a film soundtrack for The Overcoming of Hazard, by Brad Butler and Karen Mirza, a 3-monitor installation piece presented in the crypt of St. Pancras Church in London. It uses four atmosphere recordings, shortwave radio and an organ stop -- an attempt to confuse inside and out. Mixed with Mathias Gmachi using Digital Performer, one side is for headphone listening, the other for speaker playback." [label notes]

"...AER concocts a darkly minimal soundscape of field recordings and hushed melody. The sounds from the street outside, footstep, voices talking, singing, sirens, thunder (or automobile backfires, or perhaps firecrackers), interwoven with strange clicking, machine like chatter, like a spinning bicycle wheel, random clanks and clatters, room noise and other sonic detritus, while beneath it all, warm whirring melodies drift up from below, adding nuance and mood to what might otherwise be a straight field recording, a rhythm way off in the distance or buried way down in the mix, is sometimes discernible, but only barely, and in fact, could be a trick of the ears, random sounds falling into place, creating not-really-there rhythms. But it hardly matters, we hear them, and they offer a sort of ghostly structure to the proceedings. Quite nice, and we cant wait to hear more." [Aquarius Records review]