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Format: 7 x CD-Box
Label & Cat.Number: Old Europa Cafe OEC 100
Release Year: 2008
Note: Celebration-Compilation for the 25th OEC anniversary with 101 contributing artists spreading on 7 CDs, working on the theme "Europe": BAD SECTOR, BLACK SUN PRODUCTIONS, DEUTSCH NEPAL, KALLABRIS, MOLJEBKA PVLSE, RAPOON, CHRISTIAN RENOU (BRUME), S.Q.E., TAM QUAM TABULA RASA, TROUM / ASIA NOVA / VOICE OF EYE, VOX POPULI, and many many more from the areas of post-industrial, neo-folk, dark ambient, harsh noise..
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OLD EUROPA CAFE fing wie einige andere heute noch existierende Experimental-Labels (z.B. ANT-ZEN, KORM PLASTICS) in den 80er Jahren als Cassetten-Label an, um spter auch Vinyl & CDs herauszugeben... Nun gibt es das Label von Mastermind RODOLFO PROTTI bereits seit 25 Jahren, und das wird mit dieser irren Compilation eindrucksvoll zum Ausdruck gebracht. 101 Stcke von Gruppen, Musikern & Projekten die irgendwie mit OLD EUROPA CAFE in Verbindung standen oder stehen sind hier verewigt, und das Thema soll sein: EUROPA. Von Post-Industrial ber Harsh Noise, Dark Ambient und Neo-Folk, das Spektrum des Labels reicht sehr weit, die Wurzeln liegen aber ganz klar in geruschvollen Industrialsounds..

"This compilation was planed during 2007 for the 25th OEC anniversary. For celebrate the label and all the work done over all those years 101 artists / groups / projects which was / are / will be involved with OEC was invited to submit an unreleased or anyway re-worked / exclusive track devoted to the theme :
Europa !
Europe : from Portugal to Russia
Europe : his history
Europe : his culture
Europe : his cities
Europe : his beauty
. At last, a true Old Europe Cafe soundtrack ....
Tracklisting / in Alfabetical Order :
1. A Challenge of Honour - Iberia
2. Aesthetic Meat Front Twilight in Berlin
3. Ain Soph Tra le Rovine
4. Albireon Un Cavallo Senza Nome (Sonne Hagals Italian covered track)
5. Alessandro Pacciani The Colour of the Human Ashes
6. All My Faith Lost - Septembre 1871
7. Argine Risveglio
8. Artefactum The Night Waltz in Vienna
9. Asianova Trieste
10. Astro - Old European Son
11. Autopsia & K.Rossmann Fragment II
12. Bad Sector Old Europa On Air
13. Beyond Sensory Experience - Fadren
14. Black Sun Productions Gegen Verfuehrung / Grande Inno di Ringraziamento
15. Bleiburg Europaean Heartbeat
16. Camerata Mediolanense - Guillotine
17. Circus Joy Signora Europa
18. Claustrum Penitential
19. Cristian Renou U-Rop Impress (heavy version)
20. Cropcircle The Balkan Doll will never Grow
21. D.B.P.I.T. Lili Marlene
22. David E. Williams Erlknig
23. Dawn & Dusk Entwined Occident
24. Dead Mans Hill - Parc Abbey / The Heverlee Lakes
25. Deutsch Nepal The Lonely Comming Down
26. Discordance Jokela, Finland
27. Division S Further Knowledge
28. Dogs Hate Monet - In This Dream
29. Dream Weapon Ritual excerpt from The Mysteries Of E
30. Egida Aurea LArdente Fiaccola della ragione
31. Folkstorm - United under a black sun of utmost splendour
32. Foreign Trade With You
33. Foresta di Ferro Europe Greets the Storm
34. Furvus Evropa
35. Gerechtigkeits Liga Controlled Europe
36. Grey Wolves Decapitation Zone (Euro Carve Up)
37. GX Jupitter-Larsen Norge Om Polyblge
38. H.E.R.R. A Newer Rome (2007 Version)
39. Horologium European Macht Muzik
40. Hybryds Resistance (Old Europa Mix) with samplefood by Wejdas
41. 40.Jerome Deppe and Gentlemen Oscura Song for Nero
42. K. Meizter Prypiat
43. Kallabris Holzweg , Scherzo for Scandinavian wood winds and tape manipulation
44. Kenji Siratori Crusade 2007
45. Knifeladder Warsaw , 4pm
46. Lark Blames Small Cars
47. Lonsai Maikov & Dissonant Elephant Occident : 111
48. Lt. Caramel Estacin de Princpe Po
49. Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte- White Jazz (Excelsior Cafe Version)
50. Malato EU
51. Mauro Guazzotti Clockwork Europe
52. Moljebka Pulse Avra
53. Musterion Underneath Stockholm
54. MZ.412 - Overthrowing European Christianity
55. Naevus The Petty Task
56. Nazi UFO Commander Flying Dutchman
57. Ninth Desert Oscript
58. Njurmannen - Music for an erotic TV show
59. Nocturne Old Nocturne Cafe
60. Nordvargr - Facing the ghost of the past
61. Northgate Brief
62. Paradis Contigo
63. Organisation Toth Follow the L.ight O.V. .E.uropa
64. Pacific 231 Mezquita
65. Peter Andresson Kitchenscape
66. Post Contemporary Corporation Il Martirio di Wagner (live attack !)
67. Rapoon We Whisper Revolutions in the Cafes of Europe
68. Richard Ramirez The Colours of Dark Clouds over Italy
69. Roma Amor Der Treue Husar
70. Runes Order In the Endless Regions of Europa (Hate IV)
71. S.Q.E. Shards
72. Sacher Pelz Pchearsezl
73. Sala Delle Colonne Scilla e Cariddi
74. Second Amendment The Stranger
75. Seelenblut Sudden Light
76. Seelenlicht Return to Summerisle
77. Selfishadows Poison
78. Shining Vriel Of Coin + Ruin
79. Siegmar Fricke - Euroceutik 2007
80. Simulacrum Naturatum EU
81. Sleeping Pictures Kiss the Dirt
82. Slogun - Palma:1986-2002
83. Space Alliance Abduction of Europa
84. Spiritual Front Funeral Blues
85. TAC - Sixth From Jupiter
86. Tam Quam Tabula Rasa New Ropes Suffocate my Hopes (Rendhagy Olasz Dallam)
87. Tears of Othila Up our Banners ! (Special Old Europa version)
88. Teatro Satanico Veneto Industrial in Europa
89. The Lindberg Baby No Promises
90. The Soil Bleed Black - Thou Art Mine
91. Thomas Nola et Son Orchestre Mothers Ruin
92. Tribe of a Circle - Demokratr - Final Act
93. Troum / Asianova / Voice of Eye Dream for a New Europa (Re-Entry Edit)
94. Ventral Metaphor Lost in Pordenone
95. Vestigial Substorms Curtains
96. Voice of Eye Inside the Breath of the Adriatic
97. Vox Populi! Soft entrance to natures camino de luz
98. Wermut Maladia Europa II
99. Wertham Which Way Western Man
100. Wheian Europa
101. XX Century Zorro Phelin Phelix
Cover art-work features reproductions of oil paintings by : Mass Inc.
As you can see this will be a true Mammoth compilation !
We didn't put limits to the sound stiles , so here you can really hear all the sounds
of the Industrial sub-culture featured on OEC !
A BIG document on OEC work ...
A BIG thank you to all the artists who was walking with OEC !!!
A BIG thank you to all who was supporting OEC for such a long time !!!"
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